Shairco Fiberglass is proud to have spearheaded the introduction of fiberglass technology in KSA...


trading division

Shairco Motors Division provides competitive pricing, reliability and after-sales services for cars, SUVs, recreational vehicles, electric karts, special needs vehicles, passenger cars and light commercial cars in Saudi Arabia. The vehicles are manufactured by respected Chinese companies such as Lifan, Greenwheel, Marshell and Anchi, who produce a wide range of models equipped with the latest technology. Shairco Motors began trading in 2007, at first providing leisure vehicles (golf karts, ATV’s, etc.) in line with AlShair Group’s strategy of diversifying its investments as widely as possible. Expansion into cars, SUV’s and pick-up trucks followed in response to customer demand for low-to-middle end cars, a sector previously dominated by in Saudi Arabia by Korean and Japanese manufacturers.