We never seek to unnecessarily compete with or cannibalise the business of existing companies. 



Mission Statement

“To create real, sustainable value for our employees, partners and community through long-term, strategic investment, innovative products and integrated private enterprise initiatives - while upholding our family values”

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Strategic Vision

Our aim is to continue as a leading industrial developer and investor in the economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, thereby maintaining its reputation as a reliable investment partner and supporter of regional community service.  


We have a long history in introducing innovative products and technologies to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, either through developing its own companies (Shairco Fiberglass, United Saudi, Medad, Tasnee), investments (TASNEE ) including investment in real estate development through trading partnerships (General Electric/SABIC).

Private Enterprise

We believe that private enterprise, working in conjunction with government agencies and other businesses alike, is the best driver of economic growth for the future of Saudi Arabia. Private enterprise initiatives are the most effective agents of innovation and diversification for the Saudi economy and best-placed to drive economic development in new markets and products. Our investment philosophy is strictly focused on facilitating economic growth through new initiatives to create real value – “we never seek to unnecessarily compete with or cannibalise the business of existing companies”.


We believe that integrated business and investments create efficiencies that drive growth and profit, benefitting all of its partners. We are vertically and horizontally integrated to derive the maximum value, and encourage these practices in our projects. We are a family group of companies – by working with a common ethos and purpose, we can best deliver benefits to all.

Saudi-focused, global-looking

We have a long-term commitment to investing in the Yanbu and Medina Region and to spur the development of these communities. Our partnerships and investments are however not limited to the Kingdom – it is committed to a global approach that returns the maximum benefit to AlShair Group  and the Saudi economy as a whole.