AlShair Group , despite its evolution, has remained true to its goal to better the Saudi economy.


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At its heart, AlShair Group  is a family company, founded by Dr. Talal Al-Shair and his brothers Mostafa and Walid in 1979. The ethos of these family values permeates through every part of its diverse business interests, with an emphasis on respecting others and working in harmony.

The history of AlShair Group  can be traced through three distinct periods. The first period was defined by a desire to establish a place in the market. Fiberglass was new to Saudi Arabia, and AlShair Group was the only domestic producer of its kind. Fiberglass possesses several qualities ideally suited to Saudi Arabia’s climate: it does not suffer from the corrosion or erosion suffered by steel and wood, and requires little

maintenance. It is also versatile, and the range of products offered by AlShair Group expanded to include a whole range of furnishings, utilising the natural sand and petrochemical resources of the Kingdom.

In 1981, AlShair Group took its first step away from being solely a manufacturer when it was appointed as the sole distributor of General Electric’s polycarbonate “Lexan”. The experience of introducing fiberglass had left the company well prepared to find applications for the new product, and was eventually appointed as the preferred distributor of Lexan across the Middle East. Demand for AlShair Group products for airports lead to the creation of a specialist division in 1983, supplying counters, seating and conveyor belts.

In the second phase of its development, starting in 1985, AlShair Group embarked upon a series of capital-intensive, high-track projects clustered within the new Yanbu Industrial City under the supervision of the Royal Commission of Jubail and Yanbu. Seeking to encourage growth in the Kingdom’s second strategic city for hydrocarbons and related development and to take advantage of the vast potential of the area as a shipping hub, the first joint-venture was the founding of Saudi Solvents Co., later to be renamed Safra.