Dr.Talal Ali H.Al-Shair
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dr. Talal Al Shair holds a Ph.D. in International Business Administration, MBA and a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Maine State University.

Dr. Talal serves as Chairman of AlShair Group , Chairman & CEO of Cristal Global and is the Vice Chairman and board member and head of the Management Committee of the National Industrialization Co. (TASNEE). He is a former Member of the Medina Regional Council and also the former Chairman of Yanbu Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Dr. Talal is renowned as a visionary strategic thinker, entrepreneur and a highly experienced multinational business developer and manager.

He has been responsible for the creation of many major green field and innovative projects and start-up companies in Saudi Arabia, which have developed into successfully domestic, regional and international enterprises.

Sh. Mostafa Ali H. Al Shair

Sh. Mostafa Ali H. Al Shair holds a BSc. in Business Administration from Hasson College, USA.

Sh. Mostafa is the co-owner and Group Vice President of AlShair Group , President of Shairco Trading, General Contracting & Real Estate Development and Investment activities. He is a member of the Foreign Trade and Contractor Committees of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce.

Sh. Mostafa is heavily involved in developing family owned real estate projects in Saudi Arabia and abroad. He has been instrumental in broadening the Shairco Trading activities through the development of the General Electric Plastic – Lexan business in the Middle East and he has recently developed Shairco Motors.

Eng. Walid Ali H. Al Shair

Walid Ali H. Al Shair holds a BS in Engineering from North Carolina State University. Eng. Walid is the co-owner and the CEO of AlShair Group. Previously held positions include being a member of the Saudi Council of Engineers and the Airport Council International.

Eng. Walid has been instrumental in growing and diversified the business for 25 years in a variety of different roles including Manufacturing, Marketing and General Management.

He exposed SHAIRCO to the world through International Airports. Had worked hard with his team and succeeded in winning various airport projects. Participated in International Conferences and Exhibitions, for example; Paris, Cannes (France), Osaka (Japan), Atlanta (U.S.A.), Vienna (Austria), Munich (Germany), Dubai (U.A.E.) and many others.